TILE is a production company whose mission is to create characters and tell stories. For this reason it decided to focus on the involvement of authors and screenwriters of the highest level.
      Since its foundation, the creative direction of the company is entrusted to Nicola Barile, one of the pioneers of animation in Campania and screenwriter of award-winning cartoons and
      documentaries such as "Edo - The Little Prince of Sansereno" and "The Docucartoons".

      From the month of July 2017 the writer and director Giovanni Calvino assumed the post of CEO. Giovanni Calvino boasting numerous publications to his credit: theatrical, cinema and
      narrative works. TILE has been collaborating for many years with research centers and Institutes of recognized international prestige (Center Jean Bérard and CNRS, RAI, University of Naples
      "Federico II", Campania Region, INAIL, Antoniano di Bologna/"Zecchino d'Oro", Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory).

      TILE has set up, in joint venture with the company Digitalcomoedia led by Guido Bozzelli,"Uanèma Entertainment", a content production company for the animation sector which, for the quality
      of the storytelling and of the entire production pipeline is configured as an international player (TV series, VR/AR cartoons, educational titles etc.).

Nicola Barile - Art Director
Nicola Barile
Art Director
Giovanni Calvino - CEO
Giovanni Calvino
Giovanni Parisi - Executive Producer
Giovanni Parisi
Executive Producer